Abbreviations and Definitions of Government

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Abbreviations and Definitions of Government Empty Abbreviations and Definitions of Government

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Council of Ministers (CoM): An organ of the Antarctic Alliance's government. The council of ministers consist of representatives from different nations that execute different jobs as it relates to the region and as mandated by the charter. An example of a minister would be the Minister of Foreign Affairs; the national representative that holds this position is responsible for how the region reacts and coexist with other regions. Ministers are chosen by the Regional Assembly.

Regional Delegate(RD): Also known as just the delegate; the RD is head of the Antarctic Alliance's regional government. Their political power is balanced with that of the Regional Assembly.

Vice Delegate (VD): The Vice Delegate is the delegate's top advisor. While they have no specific political power outside of the Regional Assembly, if the Regional Delegate becomes incapable of conducting their job the VD must assume the position.

Regional Assembly(RA): The Regional Assembly is an organ of the regional government. Similar to the USA's congress, or the UK's parliament, the RA is responsible for passing, repealing and vetoing laws of the region.

World Factbook Entry(WFE): The World Factbook Entry is a mechanism used by the regional government to communicate with the region and others viewing the region on a large scale. It is also often used as a directory to important regional data.

Regional Message Board(RMB): The mass, and only, mean of communicating on the regions main NationStates page.


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