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[OFFICIAL] The Election Process Empty [OFFICIAL] The Election Process

Post by Great Zavi on Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:40 pm

Nations of the Antarctic Alliance,

Noting that our region has long lacked a formal and organized election process for the regional delegate and other government positions

Angered that the current conditions allow for easy manipulation of results

Hereby Declares the following provisions to be the official and recognized way to conduct a regional election.

In any regional election, the parties running must not organize the election, unless otherwise permitted.

The host of the election is to be the first eligible volunteer; in the event there are no eligible volunteers, the first candidate will be permitted to host the election.

In the change there is a candidate hosting an election, the election must be open with all results available to the public.

The voting results may be exposed if the current Regional Delegate and Regional Assembly President agree to do so, collectively.

The election is to be done when 80% of the term has passed, the newly elected official shall not exercise their occupation until the prior term has ended completely.

Further declaring that nations who choose to abstain from voting will not have a negative, or positive mark on any candidates.

Any election for government will last for three days; it shall be extended longer if there is a equal amount of votes between candidates. The new extended time limit shall be decided by the delegate.

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