[DRAFT] Capitol Land Finilization

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[DRAFT] Capitol Land Finilization  Empty [DRAFT] Capitol Land Finilization

Post by Great Zavi on Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:30 pm

Nations of the Antarctic Alliance,

NOTING that the region has had a de facto capital section created by unanimous agreement among the nations of the Antarctic Alliance (AA).

EXCITED that the solidification and finalization of the de facto capitol  land would create a more solid foundation for the regions government to rely on and prevent more gridlock in the future.

HEREBY DECLARES that the current, de facto Capitol land is the official basis and location for governmental function for the Antarctic Alliance.

Further declaring the current host of the capitol building located in the geographical center of the region, wholly, to not be changed unless at least 90% agreement of the Regional Assembly.
(ie, http://antarcticalliance1.forumotion.com/0)

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